Prosper-Christian Otto


Press reviews

During the scenes of the „Valkyrie" the Tenor showed his sovereign ability as a beaming Siegmund. His clear language style was especially impressive in a balanced mixture of musical expression and artistic license on one hand and highest precision in combination with the orchestra on the other. The green hills of Bayreuth and the international World of Opera might easily be open for this enormously great voice. „Berliner Tagesspiegel" on 7 concert in the Philharmonie

In comparison with the previous year PROSPER-CHRISTIAN OTTO showed as Parcival that his strong and winning voice has considerably increased in curve and melodious sound. Although his visual action was still missing ease and looseness, yet the voice of the young singer proved to have a special artistic personality. „EL PAIS", Barcelona

The evening became a special experience due to the portrayal of the title parts by the young Tenor PROSPER-CHRISTIAN OTTO. This Lohengrin was a hero from the beginning to the end, who mastered his destiny in a strong, determined way without any softness or sentimentality. The singer effortlessly triumphed over the vocal and musical difficulties of the pait. „Il Stampa ", Roma

PROSPER-CHRISTIAN OTTO contributed works by Schubert and Beethoven with a radiant tenor voice. „Hamburger Abendblatt"

The ballads evening of the Tenor POSPER-CHRISTIAN OTTO with works by Loewe, Wolff and Schumann turned unexpectedly into a great experience. With an unbelievable variety and a wide range of rare shades for a tenor, the singer brought the colour world of spirits and ghosts to life. „Neue Zuricher Zeitung"

Last Saturday evening the absolute highlight was the solo performance of the German Tenor PROSPER-CHRISTIAN OTTO in the sold out Teatro Nacional Sucre... After several minutes of ovations, the audience was only willing to return home when the singer had presented three encores „Comenercio", Quito

A concert of the Tenor PROSPER-CHRISTIAN OTTO inspired the audience, in the fully occupied auditorium Quinta Anauco, filled to capacity. Here especially the arias of operas by Richard Wagner, elicited thunderous applause from the audience, when the voice volume of the handsome singer was about to nearly blast the dimensions of the auditorium. „El Universal", Caracas